December 3-25, 2020

What's going on?

It's simple!

"Secret Santa in Minsk" is a way to feel that we are close to each other in the big city, the way to give each other a Christmas miracle.

You preparе a gift for a stranger (you can choose: man/woman/child) and stranger prepares a gift for you. As soon as all participants register, a corier delivers a gift from stranger for you and gets the one you prepared for another person.

Attach a note (with the wishes/contacts/ an explanation of what your gift means) to make stranger a little bit happier. Please choose gifts from the heart! Give only those things that you'd be happy to get. With this approach everyone will get his piece of happiness.

Service will help Santa: it will deliver all gifts according to the rules of the service (alcohol, tobacco products, etc. will not be delivered ). Participation in the project costs 6 BYN. This is the cost of delivery of the gifts to you and from you!

Who knows, maybe you'll change the life of stranger for the better with your gift? Or maybe it will change your life?



December 3-25


Are you ready to participate? Create magic with your hands!

Register and pay the registration fee (6 BYN) to participate, or call if you have questions